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Scholarship Winners 2016

The Edmonton Kiwanis Music Festival is proud to announce the winners of our Festival’s scholarships for 2016,, as chosen by this year’s distinguished adjudicators.  THIS SITE IS CURRENTLY BEING UPDATED. NOT ALL 2016 WINNERS ARE POSTED.

We are indebted to many generous Donors whose continuing support allows us to reward the excellence exhibited by the participating groups and individuals.

The Speech Studio (on behalf of the parents and students, IBI Group, Gerry and Jean Staring, Ed MacMillian, Kiwanis Club of South Edmonton, Kiwanis Downtown Club, Kiwanis Club Oil Capital, EKMF, Winston and Pearline Edwards, Farmer Foundation, Alan and Alice Bell Foundation, Eleanor Young, Heather Bedford-Clooney, Claire Erlam, Ann Nichols, Pattison Broadcasting Group, Dorothy Buckley, Ranald and Vera Shean Foundation, ECF, Anne Burrows Foundation, Lesauner Fund, Richard Cook, Alberta Ukrainian Commemorative Society, Brenda Thiru-Chelvam, Edmonton Philharmonic Orchestra, Family of John Perepeletza, Horns A 'Plenty-Mary Fearon, NATS, Dr. Raiyan Chowdhury, Vic and Mairead Lavigne, Abele Family, Friends of Jean Woodrow, Norm Lawrence, Evelyn Awid-Caskey, Lyle Ward, Alberta Milk, Pat Larsen, Esther Ondrack, Dilys Bourret, ECSD, E.B. Ted Allan, Dr. Frederick Li, Sandi Darrell, Hydrogeological Consultants Ltd., Women's Canadian Club of Edmonton, ARMTA,Canadian Western Bank, Mary Masson, RBC, Allard Foundation, Neil and Lucille Longson, Gay Hagn-Schmaus, Marc and Anne Page, St. David's Welsh Society, Mark Hemmes, Rhonda Anderson, Robert Tegler Trust, RGL International, Kiwanis Club of Sherwood Park, Bob and Joyce Choate.

Scholarship Categories



Special Scholarships

Paul Bourret 100th Anniversary Scholarship - $750.00

Presenter: Edmonton Kiwanis Music Festival

Recipient-Lynnea Bartel-Nickel

Cora Molstad Scholarship - $300

Presenter: EKMF

Recipient- Not Awarded this year.

Ranald and Vera Shean Sonata Scholarship - $750.00
Presenter:Shean Trust

Recipient- Aemilia Moser and Louisa Lu

Vera Shean 100th Anniversary Scholarship- $750

Presenter- EKMF

Recipient- Katianne Bargen


Dr. Anne Burrows Foundation Memorial Schubert Scholarship - $500
Presenter: The Anne Burrows Foundation
Recipient-Louisa Lu

Pattison Broadcasting Scholarship- $500.00

Presenter- Pattison Broadcasting

Recipient- Min Lee


Pamela Farmer Piano Scholarship - $200
Presenter: Pamela Farmer
Recipient- Brian Liu

Lesaunier Piano Scholarship Class - $300
Presenter: Lesaunier Trust
Recipient: Not Awarded

Harry Farmer Piano Scholarship - $300
Presenter: Pamela Farmer
Recipient: Amanda Andrishak

Vera Shean Memorial Piano Scholarship - $300
Presenters EKMF
Recipient: Louisa Lu

Marek Jablonski Endowment Piano Scholarship - $200
Presenter: EKMF
Recipient: Louisa Lu

Dr. Ernesto B. Lejano Piano Scholarship - $150
Presenters: The Friends of Ernesto Lejano
Recipient: Not Awarded

Richard Cook Chopin Piano Scholarship- $200.00

Presenter- Richard Cook
Recipient-Howard Yan

Alberta Ukrainian Commemorative Society Piano Scholarship - $200
Presenter: Alberta Ukrainian Commemorative Society
Recipient: Jeremy Liu

Dorothy Buckley Piano Scholarship - $200
Presenter: Dorothy Buckley
Recipient: Yevgeniia Slipko

Nadine Thiru-Chevam Scholarship- $200.00

Presenter- Brenda Thiru-Chelvam

Recipient- Brian Liu

David and Donna String Scholarship- $250.00

Presenter- EKMF

Recipient- Justin Ng

Pamela Farmer Art Song Scholarship-$300.00

Presenter- Pamela Farmer

Recipient- Annika Hanson

Edmonton Philharmonic Scholarship Piano/Strings-$500.00

Presenter- Edmonton Philharmonic Orcherstra

Recipient- Jack Forestier

John Perepeletza Fiddle/Violin Scholarship-$150

Presenter- Family of John Perepeletza

Recipient- Elina Ma

Ronald J. Schafer Guitar Scholarship - $300
Presenter: Phyllis Schafer
Recipient-Not awarded

Michael (Mickey) Awid Memorial Voice Scholarship - $200

Presenter- Mrs. Awid- Caskey

Recipient: Laura Bittman

Winspear Foundation Vocal Scholarship - $300
Presenter: The Edmonton Community Foundation
Recipient: Shalyn Lindballe

Bedford Vocal Scholarship - $300
Presenter: Heather Bedford-Clooney
Recipient: Annika Hanson

Cora Molstad Vocal Scholarship - $100
Presenters: EKMF
Recipient: Olivia Mitchell

North Central Chapter of the National Association of Teachers of Singing Scholarship - $200
Presenter: National Association of Teachers of Singing
Recipient: Glynnis McCrostie

Edmonton Kiwanis Club Musical Theatre Scholarship Class
1st Place: $1000, 2nd Place: $500, 3rd Place: $300
Presenter: Edmonton Downtown Kiwanis Club
Recipients: 1st Place: Kayla Nickel, 2nd Place: Kelsey Visscher 3rd Place: Jordan Sabo

Cora Molstad Musical Theatre Scholarship - $300
Presenter: Edmonton Kiwanis Downtown Club
Recipient: Grace Bokenfohr

Sandra Leah-Page Memorial Scholarship- $200.00

Presenter- Marc and Anne Page

Recipient- Everett Sokol

Denise Lavigne Musical Theatre Scholarship - $300
Presenters: Denise Lavigne
Recipient: Will Gosse

E.B. “Mac” McKitrick Memorial Speech Scholarship
1st Place: $300, 2nd Place: $200
Presenter: Kiwanis Club of Edmonton, Oil Capital
Recipients: 1st Place: Amanda Lam 2nd Place: Caitlyn Shum

Kiwanis Oil Capital Speech Scholarship
1st Place: $200, 2nd Place: $100
Presenter: Kiwanis Oil Capital Club
Recipients: 1st Place: Alexandra Jewitt, 2nd Place: Aliysha Ahmed

Mike Yakububiec Band Scholarship-$200

Presenter- Claire Erlam

Recipient- Avalon School

Pamela Farmer Woodwind Scholarship - $300.00
Presenter: Pamela Farmer
Recipient: Ania Farrus

Kevin P. Smith Memorial Scholarship in Brass- $350

Presenter- Friends of Kevin Smith

Recipient- Not awarded

AB ENT- Dr. Chowdhury Voice Clinic Award- Musical Theatre-

Presenter- Dr. Raiyan Chowdhury

Recipients- 1st- Marguerite Lawler 2nd-Erin Pettifor 3rd- Everett Sokol

Edna Nichols Memorial Scholarship- 500.00

Presenter- Ann Nichols and Family

Recipient- Louisa Lu

Jean Woodrow Memorial Scholarship- 500.00

Presenter- Friends of Jean Woodrow

Recipient- Kikimasu



The following people were general  scholarship winners in the 2016 Music Festival.  Congratulations to each of you.

 Band and Brass Scholarships:

BAND- Archbishop MacDonald Jazz, Archbishop MacDonald Honour Band, Stratford School Gr. 8 Band, Stratford School Gr. 7 Band.

BRASS- Olivia Imbrogno, Corrine Barnett, Michael Nunes.



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World Music Scholarships

Reetu Arvikar


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Choir Scholarships

Cantilon Chamber Choir, Archbishop MacNeil Grade 1-3 Choir, Cantilon Junior Chamber Choir, Monsignor Fee Otterson School, Edmonton Catholic School Honour Choir.


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Creative Music Scholarships

Ryan Jacques


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Digital Piano Scholarships- none this year



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Group Piano Scholarships-none this year.



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Guitar Scholarships

Ben Williams, Brooke Van Velzen, Grace Tarrant, Graham Anderson, Lauren Ybema, RL Guitar Duo, Samuel Tarrant.



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Handbell Scholarships

No Handbells in 2016.


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Harp Scholarships

Heather Adams, Lily Weinlick, Adrianna Jankovic, Jane Fagnon

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Musical Theatre Scholarships

Jamie Loreto, Lauren Laplante, Kendell Dancocks, Elise Leske, Tammy Ng, Emily Levine, Megan Drever, Will Gosse, Juliette Eshleman, Timothy Cooper, Marguerite Lawler, Jen Adams, Gianna Read, Cailin Washington, Amy Selin, Linnae Backstrom, Cadence Corocan.

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Orchestra Scholarships

S-Strings 1, Richard Fowler Cello 2, ESPA Singing Strings, Grade 4 Conservatory Orchestra.


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Orff Scholarships

No Orff this year.

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Piano Plan I Scholarships

Aiden Chen, Andrea Young, Dora Shi, Emma Shen, Ethan Ho, Evan Yin, Hedy Zhou, Isabelle Der, Jeremy Liu, Kiana Zhu, Michelle Han, Moxuan Zhang, Grace Ren, Jainfeng Wang, Katie Forbes, Sirui Liu, Julia Chau, Howard Yan, Jessica Qianhui Ma, Seth McMillan, Ryan Jacques, Amanda Andrishak, Joanna Hao.




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Piano Plan II Scholarships

Samuel Radke, Graeme Robertson, Jacob Eisenstat, Sarah Mah, Samanta Macciotta, Lydia Tesfay, Wisdom Sanouvi-Awoga, Sylvie Berg, Chelsea Leung, Ardelle Tian, Sarah Li, Annie Barraclough, Natalie Nakatsui, Simon Williams, Maria Yaskina, Zachary Sun, Ally Chia, Arber Latifi, Jocelyn Li, Ngaire Barraclough, Linda Zhu, Hilton Truong, Jenna Latifi, Ben Veenstra, Maria Monai Brophy, Yashar Aghazadeh, May Florence Palencia, Jarvis Yu



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Speech Scholarships

Ruis Rahman, Eshal Feroz, Minh Nguyen, Felicia Yuen, Alexandra Jewitt, Bethany Game, Faris Shoa-Anwar, Jasmine Wang, Inam Siddiqui, Ariana Shivji, Kirtan Dhunnoo, James Jewitt, Sauleha Farooq, Tanya Paramathy, Georgia Snethan, Minh and Kim.

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Adriana Kopchia, Allison Lee, Amanda Andrishak, Anna Yin, Jessica Zhuang, Joanna Ho, Jordan Zhang, Julie Sucie, Justin Ng, MacKenzie Ho, Maya Budzinski, Esther Yao, Jack Forestier, Sonya Shin, Wilson Feng, Ian Zhang, Ehren Moser, Elina Ma.


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Vocal Scholarships

Erika Berg, Gillian Clarke, Christina Hollingsworth, Daniel Bittman, Laura Bittman, Jacqui Walters, Sophie Turgeon, Tessa Ferguson, Maura McGreer, Molly Danko, Jordan Ostrosser, Annika Hanson, Grace Bokenfohr, Erin Selin, Lynnea Bartel Nickel, Carol Wray.


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Woodwind Scholarships

Silverwinds Senior Flute Trio, Riley Ross, Nekoda Papadatos, Oriana Campbell, Yujia Jiang, Kirsten Lietz, Kristen Rumbold, Adriana Jankovic